A Corporate Team Building Case Study Using AFL

Team building diagram on blackboard

Today’s guest post is brought to us by a local business owner Aaron From Ace Capital – a Team of mortgage broker’s from Melbourne. He will be talking about using AFL as a team building event, and why its a great idea for local businesses around the area. For more information about the results you can get in contact with Aaron from Ace Capital on: (03) 9021 3764 or visit them directly at 10/305-313 La Trobe St Melbourne, VIC 3000.


If you’re in a company, you should be involved in team building activities at least once a month (in my opinion), and I’m about to tell you why I think that way…

But first: what is corporate team building?

It’s When employees get together to play a team sport they work as one in pursuit of the same goal, which is to win the game. Corporate team sports help employees and management learn how to come together to complete a big project.

In Australian football, corporate team building has become a hugely popular strategy for bringing colleagues and teams closer together, for a few reasons:

The history of Australian football – AFL


Australian Football (or Australian Rules football as some call it) has a history that dates back to the late 1850’s. Over the years, the game has expanded from an 8-competitor sport to the 18-team national sporting event that we see today.


When Aussie Tom Wills , who was an avid cricketer and captain of Rugby School, returned home from his schooling in England in 1857, he proposed adopting a version of football in winter to keep cricketers fit in the winter time.

In consultation with cousin H.C.A Harrison and two other colleagues, Willis devised a set of rules for this new game, which culminated in the formation of The Melbourne Football Club on August 7, 1858. That was the year when the first recorded match was played, between Melbourne Grammar School and Scotch College under the new rules.


The Australia Football League

Australian Rules Football aka “footy” or “Aussie Rules” is a contact sport started in Australia and now enjoyed in other countries like Canada, Japan and New Zealand as well. The professional body that represents this form of sport in Australia is called the Australia Football League (AFL).

The History of The AFL

The AFL started out with only eight teams, all based in the state of Victoria, in October 1896. Hence at its very foundation, it was known as the Victoria Football League (VFL).

The teams expanded to 12 by 1925 and then shrunk to 11 in 1982 when the South Melbourne FC relocated to Sydney. More teams were later admitted from outside the state of Victoria, leading to the renaming of the VFL to the current AFL in 1982.

This was so as to reflect the change of the league’s focus from just Victoria to the national Australian focus.

How Many Teams Are Represented In The League

The AFL is a national league consisting of eighteen (18) football clubs competing at the highest-level of the Aussie Rules. The league had 16 teams until 2011, which further expanded to the current 18. Now, the states of Victoria (10), Queensland (2), South Australia (2), Western Australia (2)And New South Wales (2) are represented.


It’s Easy to Get Online News, Videos and Pictures of Local Soccer Clubs and Players In Australia

In Australia, soccer or football, as it is popularly known as, is a major sport as well as a profession.

Thee national soccer body of Australia is the Football Federation Australia (FFA) that organises various FFA Cup, A-League, and F-League at different points of time Australians searching on how to find a local football club in Australia or want to gather up-to-date news and information about the local games, players, and events as organised by different local football clubs can easily pay a visit to one of the leading Soccer Australia websites – Western Sydney Soccer. This site is run by the Soccer fans and players of the Granville Soccer Association along with Blacktown Soccer Association and Blacktown Soccer Associations.