The Australia Football League

Australian Rules Football aka “footy” or “Aussie Rules” is a contact sport started in Australia and now enjoyed in other countries like Canada, Japan and New Zealand as well. The professional body that represents this form of sport in Australia is called the Australia Football League (AFL).

The History of The AFL

The AFL started out with only eight teams, all based in the state of Victoria, in October 1896. Hence at its very foundation, it was known as the Victoria Football League (VFL).

The teams expanded to 12 by 1925 and then shrunk to 11 in 1982 when the South Melbourne FC relocated to Sydney. More teams were later admitted from outside the state of Victoria, leading to the renaming of the VFL to the current AFL in 1982.

This was so as to reflect the change of the league’s focus from just Victoria to the national Australian focus.

How Many Teams Are Represented In The League

The AFL is a national league consisting of eighteen (18) football clubs competing at the highest-level of the Aussie Rules. The league had 16 teams until 2011, which further expanded to the current 18. Now, the states of Victoria (10), Queensland (2), South Australia (2), Western Australia (2)And New South Wales (2) are represented.

The Australian Football Season Structure 1. The NAB Challenge Theses are practice matches that are played prior to the start of the premiership season. 2. Premiership Season

The AFL’s premiership season begins towards the end of March and ends in early September after 23 rounds. Teams play 11 home games and 11 away games, with one bye. A team receives 4 points for a win and 2 points for a draw. A ratio of points scored to points conceded in a season works as a tie-breaker in the case of two teams ending the season on equal points.

Finals Series

Teams finishing in the top eight of the premiership ladder compete for the premiership cup, a navy blue premiership flag and the title of ‘premiers’. The matches are played over a 4 week period over the month of September at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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The Australia Football League Current Teams

The current AFL clubs and their monickers (in brackets) in no particular order are:

Adelaide FC (Crows), Fremantle FC (Dockers), West Coast Eagles (Eagles), Sydney Swans (Swans), Hawthorn (Hawks), Collingwood FC (Magpies), Richmond FC (Tigers), Greater Western Sydney Giants (Giants), Carlton FC (Blues), Gold Coast Suns FC (Suns), Brisbane Lions (Lions), Melbourne FC (Demons), Essendon FC (Bombers), St Kilda FC (Saints), Western Bulldogs (Bulldogs), North Melbourne FC (Kangaroos), Port Adelaide (Power), Geelong FC (Cats).

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